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Upright Safety Bar

Upright Safety Bar



  • The Milcor Upright Safety Bar is designed to assist in the safe passage when exiting and entering the roof hatch. A heavy- duty, hinged steel mechanism allows the upward and downward movement of the bright yellow safety bar.
  • No need to attach bar to center of ladder rungs. Milcor's Upright Safety Bar has been designed to provide the safest way to exit and enter a roof hatch without restiricting the opening or footing on the top rungs of the ladder.

Quality Design and Construction

  • Simple and safe lift-and-lock into place movement
  • Side location for safer and more convenient passage
  • Automatically locks when fully extended
  • Shipped as a separate unit. Also, available assembled to roof hatch
  • Designed for hatches 4-foot and smaller on the ladder side
  • Designed to provide approximately 42" height above ladder