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Floor & Sidewalk Doors

Sidewalk Doors 

For Exterior Access Applications or Where Interior Moisture Conditions Require Drainage Provisions.

Floor Doors 

For Interior Access To Valves, Electrical or Computer Wiring, or For Access To Upper or Lower Floor Levels.

Overall Product Features 

Heavy-Duty Construction to Meet Required Loads 

Solid framing and anchoring designs and options in both aluminum or steel construction can handle demanding applications for foot or vehicle traffic safely.

Stainless Steel Hardware 

For installation in highly corrosive environments, roof hatches are available with stainless steel hardware.

Locking and Latching Doors 

Where addtional security is needed, floor and sidewalk doors are available with mortise cylinder locks and recessed padlock hasps. Contact the factory for other lock and latching options.

Special Wheel Loading 

GA and GD style sidewalk doors are available with H-10 and H-20 wheel loading. They are designed for off-street use where not subjected to high volume traffic.